Shauna Matheson, February 13, 1983 – June 7, 1997

The night Shauna died, Janet and I decided whatever parts of her body could be donated to help others, then by all means, yes. We knew deep in our collective soul that would have been her wish. Her injuries were so severe though, that all that could be taken were her corneas. But as a result, two people out in western Canada received the gift of sight.

Political Observer's Panel - Dec. 7/18

“Take that little carton you get of 250ml of chocolate milk, and say a kid gets one of those every school day for a year, 180 school days. So every day that kid has one of those for lunch. That amounts to that kid consuming 10 pounds of sugar. He has more chocolate milk at home or on weekends, add to that. There’s twice as much sugar in chocolate milk than there is in Coke.”

Baby it's PC Madness Outside

banning Baby It’s Cold Outside by all these broadcasters is extreme hypocrisy, given what they are OK with. Not that I want to see any of it banned, I would not support that. I just want to make the point that their decision in this case is Political Correctness gone berserk.

Let's see how the new Higgs government measures up on the compassion front

The problem is considerable. For a start, there’s hardly any affordable housing. Rents have risen steadily while welfare rates haven’t moved in years. Add to that the complex issues those who are living rough are dealing with. Almost all have mental health challenges, often combined with serious addictions. As Faith McFarland of the Community Action Group on Homelessness so matter-of-factly states, crystal meth is a monster. And it is a monster combined with everything else requires professional intervention. This isn’t a job for volunteer ladies from our local churches, regardless of how well-intentioned they may be.