My focus is on communications work that can be done relatively quickly.



Specifically copywriting, ghosting speeches, op-eds and blogs.

I have written speeches for three Premiers, numerous government ministers, and many CEOs.

If you read newspapers, you have probably read some of my work without knowing it,

And the same with blogs, but you can check out those on this website to decide for yourself how good I am at it. 


Crisis Communications:

I received crisis communications certification through the Institute of Crisis Management in Kentucky in 2004, and have kept abreast of developments in the field since. Over the years we have used these skills to guide many organizations and companies through crisis situations. So I will keep at this in a limited way. So if you are in a jam, call me. 


Media Training:

I have been facilitating Media and Communications Training for more than 20 years, as far afield as Chicago and North Carolina. Over that time, hundreds of CEOs, union leaders, educators, non-profit representatives, emergency responders and others have benefitted from these interactive, hands-on workshops. (See Media Training page for more details, including notice of any upcoming workshops)


Strategic Communications:

This entails more detailed work such as communications audits/plans, and advocacy campaigns. These can become all-consuming so don't plan to take on much in this regard, but if the challenge is interesting, it's hard to say no.