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Political Observer's Panel - Dec. 7/18

“Take that little carton you get of 250ml of chocolate milk, and say a kid gets one of those every school day for a year, 180 school days. So every day that kid has one of those for lunch. That amounts to that kid consuming 10 pounds of sugar. He has more chocolate milk at home or on weekends, add to that. There’s twice as much sugar in chocolate milk than there is in Coke.”

Political Observer's Panel - Oct. 26/18

“It is an example of the kind of speech we can expect under Proportional Representation or minority government. Aside from the fact had no vision, it was pretty good. He (Gallant) got rid of the stupid stuff like the freeze on NB Power rates, and a lot of the good ideas that came from the other parties, because he was trying to apease them, were there.”