Welcome to my next chapter

After 25 years with BissettMatheson Communications, I determined it was time to downsize. I wanted to simplify my life. Most days I like what I do, in fact I like it a lot, I just don't want to do as much of it. So hell no, I don't want to give it up. Let's call it semi-retirement. Enter Duncan Matheson - just a person, not a company. No more payroll to meet, no more competing for or searching out work, no more (or at least far fewer) long days. Just me, but still working...a little. 

As you will see from the Services page on this website, I plan to keep busy with projects that interest me but don't require a huge time commitment. Also, I will continue offering my Media Training courses, because they are just too much fun to give up.  I will also continue to write my blog, mainly on communications-related issues, but other stuff as well, as the mood strikes. 

This next chapter includes more time spent on the volunteer side, especially with social issues I care about, including work with the Community Action Group on Homelessness. And more motorcycle trips. I have been searching all my life for that elusive life balance, and I think I am finally on the verge of finding it. "About time", some would say.