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Political Observer's Panel - Oct. 26/18

“It is an example of the kind of speech we can expect under Proportional Representation or minority government. Aside from the fact had no vision, it was pretty good. He (Gallant) got rid of the stupid stuff like the freeze on NB Power rates, and a lot of the good ideas that came from the other parties, because he was trying to apease them, were there.”

It's time for a serious discussion on Proportional Representation

Just two points to wrap this up. First, we are one of only five countries in the world that is still using the first-past-the–post system, and one of the other ones is the United States. We can see how that’s working out for them. Second, consider New Zealand. They switched from first-past-the-post in 1996. Then in 2011 as part of that year’s election, they had a referendum asking if citizens would like to switch back. The response – no way.