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Fredericton City Hall Drops the Ball on Housing First

to have a report for nearly a year, and then to come back and say the city shouldn’t do this because it is something the volunteers should do, or this needs to be studied further, or this should go to such and such a committee, is, not to put too fine a point on it, lame, and not consistent with a city that prides itself on being progressive and getting things done.

A Good Step Forward for Greener Village, but We're Not There Yet

the naming of a community-based board is a very good thing. It’s the start of returning Greener Village’s reputation to what it was before the church intervened. But what’s needed now are answers to these basic questions, so those directly involved in the facility as well as the greater Fredericton community can be assured the church won’t intervene again the next time something doesn’t strike their fancy.